Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Day at the Fair

My favourite Ranga and I made the long trip to Broke today. Well worth the drive to find the biggest collection of vintage and veteran cars, trucks, military vehicles and farm machinery I have ever seen. We started walking thru the cars and it appeared they would simply never end.

There was even one dude there with a ute full of traps. Mouse traps, rat traps, fly traps, fox traps, dingo traps and a whole heap of other traps I have never seen before.

Fast and Furious

Brad with the Blad organised a shoot out with some mad FMX motorbike riders at Redhead. Chicko and Trigger rode and rode and rode around their track for a couple of hours. Trigger came a cropper at one stage, but like a true madmad he got straight back on!! Just a couple of pics for you to enjoy!