Sunday, April 5, 2015

Taking Stock: March

I follow a few blogs and LOVE Everyday Miracles     Thought I'd give "Taking Stock"  a try it and see how it goes...

Making:  A list of the jobs I need to complete today.
Cooking:  A huge vat of pumpkin soup from the last of my summer crop of butternut pumpkins.
Drinking:  Water, but nowhere near enough!
Reading:  "The Bounty" by Caroline Alexander.
Wanting:   To knit a blanket for the end of my bed. Problem is I haven't knitted in 30 years and even then I wasn't very good at it.
Looking:  At the computer screen a whole lot more than I should!
Playing:  Words with friends with Mert in the USA.
Deciding:  Whether to post this or not!!!
Wishing:  I wasn't Diabetic when I see all the Easter eggs in the supermarket.
Enjoying: The company of Terry at work.  I enjoy being on the building site and laugh a lot during the day.
Waiting:  For a phone call from my haematologist
Liking: The Health app on my phone.
Wondering:  When the next Ad Astra girls lunch will be?
Loving:  My reading chair.  Soooo comfy.
Pondering:  The endlessness of washing up.
Considering:  Paper plates!!!  (see "Pondering" for further clarification)
Watching:  One Giant Leap (again).
Hoping:  The nursery has some cauliflower seedlings in today.
Marvelling:  At how quickly radish seeds break the soil.
Needing:  To go for a walk.
Smelling:  A tiny vial of "Rochas Man" that I found in the bottom of my bag.
Wearing:  My favourite bracelet.
Following:  The treechanging life of Rebecca on Hamby Home(in)stead
Noticing:  How well my veggie patch springs into life after rain as opposed to regular tap watering.
Knowing:  My garden will never feed us totally, but we enjoy what we produce.
Thinking:  About retirement and when I should leave full time employment.
Feeling:  The huge bruise on my calf after it met the tow bar!
Admiring:  The great work my sister is doing in her home renovation.
Sorting:  My photography props into manageable piles.
Buying:  Stuff I don't necessarily need!!!
Getting:  Hungry!  I should stop typing and have some breakfast!!!
Bookmarking:  A load of new blogs I found through this project!
Disliking:   The failure of some of my late summer crops.  My soil is slightly acidic and this affects propagation and growth.
Giggling:  At the antics of Georgia the beagle every time I visit my sister.
Snacking:  When I shouldn't!
Coveting:  The brilliant photography of others.
Helping:  Lauren with her Ikea shopping list.  It is not a burden let me assure you!!!
Hearing:  The birds twittering outside as the rain had momentarily stopped and the sun is trying to break through.

As always, a few images to end this post.