Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Memory and disappointment

What causes the memory to be better, more fulfilling, more satisfying, tastier, fuller and seemingly more real than the reality? What is it that allows the mind to embellish the truth? Is it in all minds or only my mind which reacts this way? My mind is fickle. I am sure it is encouraged to blow the memory out of proportion to the reality.

Weeks pass and the desire to feel like that again grows stronger. I find myself lost in day dreams reliving how good it was and how great it will be when I get to enjoy that pleasure again. My mind recalls every minute detail, smell, feel, taste. I become needy, it is always on my mind.

When finally the planets align and there is just enough gap in the daily grind to allow for an hour or so free of guilt and ripe for dirty pleasure the desire is at its highest.

Disappointment reigns.

The reality is nothing like the memory. Everything is wrong. Although it may look the same it is not. Different smell, different taste, different feel, none as good as the memory, the recollection is too good for the reality. My mind has cheated me. The little cafe by the lake has let me down. Their hot chocolate disappoints.

I've been dreaming of this for weeks and now when finally time permits the reality come crashing down around my ears. It's not strong enough, not sweet enough and not hot enough. It is simply not as good as I remembered it!

I have to admit it does look the same, exactly the same and it was made by the same girl so I can but assume it IS the same, but it is my memory that has treated me like a fool. I have allowed my mind to wander and distort.. The lesson here is simple, so as not to face future disappointment don't leave it so long next time, as the myth grows with time.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Long time between drinks!

Christmas and the new year have been and gone! I've let my blog go unattended for too long. Much has happened. I have yet to work a full 5day week, in fact I have not worked a full weeek since mid December. This comes to an end tomomorrow sadly. The next few months will have me working odd days and there will be a large block of time on carers leave. Violet is again going under the knife and will need some very special care for a few months ahead. Fingers crossed it will all go well and my mid 2010 she will be back on her feet and running!

Photographically I have had some absolutely fantastic trips away and day away shoots. Bought some more equipment, learnt more "stuff" and generally improved the quality of my work. As long as I continue to learn I shall be happy. Yesterday Moo, Peter and I went to photograph some Aboriginal cave art and then on to participate in a photographic treasure hunt. It was a long and challenging day.........and I loved it!
Today, by comparison, will be spent in a far less stimulating way with domestic duties filling the majority of the day. A late afternoon coffee at Warners Bay is a possibility though.
So now, a couple of images taken of late. I hope you enjoy them!