Monday, May 6, 2013

Car Show Pony

I seriously love a car show!  I know very little about cars.  I own and drive a couple of old rust buckets. Simple, easy to fix, easy to replace daily drives.  I have over the years driven a few classier cars too.  The odd BMW, Mercs and some classy classic models too.  I toyed with buying a small convertible earlier in the year, but I took my mechanics advice and saved my dollars.  But I do LOVE a car show!!!  Sunday was Euro Car day at Lambton Park.  Happens once a year, run by the local MG car club as a fundraising event and there are some great old cars there.  Now the bit I like best about older cars is the hood ornaments.  The Rolls "Spirit of Ecstasy" is probably the most well known, but there are a more.  These oldies have a great history and beauty to them.  Designs were often shrouded in mystery prior to an official unveiling, books have been written about them, beautiful women modelled for them and great artists designed them.  Me, I just like to take photos of them.  

So here are a few from sundays show......