Saturday, February 28, 2009

First day of another 3 day weekend for me. There is so much I need to do and so little of it will be fun! I'm still de-shitting. Removing things from the house that I don't use or don't want to see. I'm nearing the end of this process and down to the really fiddly bits. My interest has wained. I know the result will be good, but the process is bad! I'd prefer to be out with the camera taking a few snaps, but this mess won't clean itself up! There are piles of 'stuff' everywhere. 'Stuff" i don't want is all going to vinnies. Even though I thinned out the wardrobe and drawers after the Vic fires, I reckon I can do another cull today. Storage is the big issue. I have none left!!!

Monday will be interesting. I'm going out to take some pics (going on a shoot sounds so pretentious) with 3 mates. We are heading back to the old Ward 21 ruins. I'm driving the Laser I'll pack a few shovels for the trip!! There has been a fair amount of rain and the tracks might be a bit harder than normal to traverse, but we'll give it a go. I'm happy to walk in but one guy is bringing a portable lighting setup and doesn't fancy crossing the collapsed bridge with his gear. Dunno why? It is only about an 8 foot drop into the water!!

Here's a pic I took last trip there.
I wonder what, if anything, will be left standing this trip.

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  1. Well, great pic! I'm hoping that I'll be able to get up there in the next three weeks or so. Next weekend is out, I'm on call :(