Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well this one sold! And it was the second one sold at the Gallery Raw exhibition in the Hunter Street Mall. No-one was more suprised than me when Mark St Clair, the exhibition curator, rang me twice on saturday saying he had sold my shots. Whoot!! Whoot!!

So easter has been pretty big photographically speaking. Took a few pics at the traditional Good Friday fish BBQ at Rods place, saturday sold two images and monday had a trip to Sydney with the flickrchicks for a shootout at the Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour. This one is from the Gardens. Moo had a clash of cultures when dressed in traditional costume and the urge to perform like a Toyota commerical swept over her.

Yes, she is loopy!!
This weekend might hold some indoor photographic pursuits as apparently it is going to bucket down!

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