Sunday, February 21, 2010

Long time between drinks!

Christmas and the new year have been and gone! I've let my blog go unattended for too long. Much has happened. I have yet to work a full 5day week, in fact I have not worked a full weeek since mid December. This comes to an end tomomorrow sadly. The next few months will have me working odd days and there will be a large block of time on carers leave. Violet is again going under the knife and will need some very special care for a few months ahead. Fingers crossed it will all go well and my mid 2010 she will be back on her feet and running!

Photographically I have had some absolutely fantastic trips away and day away shoots. Bought some more equipment, learnt more "stuff" and generally improved the quality of my work. As long as I continue to learn I shall be happy. Yesterday Moo, Peter and I went to photograph some Aboriginal cave art and then on to participate in a photographic treasure hunt. It was a long and challenging day.........and I loved it!
Today, by comparison, will be spent in a far less stimulating way with domestic duties filling the majority of the day. A late afternoon coffee at Warners Bay is a possibility though.
So now, a couple of images taken of late. I hope you enjoy them!

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