Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hats off to you!

So many women in hats and scarves. Some pink, some grey, some red. Not an indication of the weather, not winter wear, rather a byproduct of chemotherapy! One of the more obvious side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. It is a hidden side effect in men. In men bald is beautiful, but only for blokes! Looking around me there are many men with shaved heads and none look like they are undergoing any medical treatment.

When you begin chemotherapy you are warned about the hair loss. They say when the first locks fall to have your head shaved. This action is to alleviate the rubbing off of hair during sleep. For hair rubbed off will not regrow and you end up all patchy.

While I sit here at the Mater Hospital Cafe waiting for my mother to endure yet another scan I see in front of me a woman apparently in her 70's embarrassed by her hair loss. She constantly tugs and pulls at her headwear. Her hat is grey, knitted with a narrow brim. A big flower on one side. Her hands are aged with time.

Maybe it is easier for the younger ones, short hair rocks, you can look trendy as a bald young woman, but the woman in front of me seems to be struggling with her loss. I must say her choice of headwear suits her well. She fiddles again and I can just see a wisp of white hair slip below the knitted rim of her hat.

Hats can be stunning if you have the right shaped head. Hats look tragic on me. I obviously do not have the right shaped head!

I hope the lady in front of me has fast and effective treatment for her cancer and her hair grows back thick and rich.

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