Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Disposables, Round TWO!

Round Two of The Disposables started slowly.  Everyone is time poor these days.  No-one stops to smell the roses! In the end some days off work help me end my project. Off went the camera to Les Porter and a few days later I got the call.  Les is a magician, he can make anything happen, photographically speaking that is.   He has an Aladdin's cave of films and papers and trinkets..... but I digress.  

The images in this round really surprised me.  The colours are not spot on, there is no denying that, but for an 800ISO film in daylight I think it is really quite acceptable.  The clarity of the images does surprise me.  When used with some forethought you can actually jag a great image out of these plastic boxes with plastic lenses.  In the past I would never have considered grabbing one off the shelf at the local supermarket chainstore and snapping madly, but now my opinion has had a epic positional change.  No hesitation now if I found myself somewhere cameraless and wanting to record something.  I'd be first in line for a disposable!   

Of my images this round the outdoor and opens shade shots are most accurate colourwise.  The inside flashed up shots are very blue and with all rangefinder cameras there was a fair smattering of FINGERS over the lens!  

Enjoy the fruits of my labours seen below and consider picking a disposable up yourself.  It will challenge you and if nothing more you will end up with some great shots...... of your fingertips!

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