Sunday, April 1, 2012

Strange, NOT Strangers

In my last post I talked about the 100 Strangers Project and how I was loving photographing total strangers.  What I didn't delve into was how sometimes approaching a complete stranger is just too daunting a process to undertake.  Some people are easy to approach and shoot, some aren't. Some exude a "leave me alone" presence and it does sap my confidence at times.  So to avoid totally pulling the pin and hiding under my doona I have a side project running where I photograph people I KNOW.  Not being strangers and often being a little strange that series is known as Strange, NOT Strangers!!!

One thing that has come to my attention is that is it often HARDER to convince a friend to participate in my project than it is to convince a stranger.

So if you are reading this and one day I ask you to be my "Strange, NOT Stranger" please give it some consideration.  It only ever takes about 3 minutes and I doesn't hurt!!!

The following pics are just some of the series......and all these people survived the experience!!

1 comment:

  1. i love the concept! totally understand where your coming from on how sometimes its easier to get true strangers to pose.