Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My 40th!!!

Yep, My 40th blog post.  If you thought it was my 40th birthday you are in the wrong millennium and probably need to seek out a trustworthy optometrist !!!  I don't even remember my 40th to be honest.  Never paid much attention to the whole counting off the years thing.  Sure, I love the cake, but living in the land of plenty we can have cake whenever we want!  So nope, not 40th birthday .... 40th blog post.

3000 views too, well actually a chunk over 3000, whoodathunkit!!!

So what do I use my blog for?   That's an interesting question that I'm not sure I have an answer to.  Most of the posts for 2012 were about me.   Me me me!! It's all about me,  Me being sick and me feeling better and I hope that someone who is diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma (Hurthle Cell variant) can read up and see that the treatment on the whole is pretty good.  One post that received a heap of viewers was the one about no longer being able to be an organ donor, but Sharm came forward and took my place in that line!  I thank her for that!!  Organ and blood donation are poorly patronised in Oz and many many people die waiting for a donation that never comes.  If you aren't registered..... give it some thought.  It really is the last thing you will ever do.

Prior to getting cancer I think my blog was mostly about my photos.  A place to share the ones I liked and to be able to view them on a black background instead of the usual flickr white.

I'm not sure who in Trinidad is reading this, but they are an avid regular reader! Hello from me!
The stats functions with Blogger is interesting.  It can tell me whether the viewer is a Mac or PC user, what browser they use, what page they look at first and if they then move to another.  I have no idea why i need to know that stuff, but it is interesting.  I guess if the blog was a commercial venture then that kind of info would be important. But it isn't, so it's not!

I do read a few blogs too.  Ms Moo has a couple of interesting ones happening.  Now you know I am crap with links, but I shall try. Homespun Field is a goodie too. and my mate Rebecca has a newie happening too at .  There is a top blogging magazine called "Artful Blogging". It is from the USA and is often hard to acquire, but there are heaps of great blogging links in it.  I'm trying to get my sister to blog. She has an obsession with quilts and quilting, dolls and dolls houses and I'm pretty sure there a a number of other freaky people worldwide into that kinda stuff.

No point blogging without a photo or two to make the reading worthwhile, so here's a couple I was messing about with earlier.  I do like a car, but real ones are better!

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  1. I do the newsletter for my workplace (a charity) so know only too well the "pull" of the stats page!