Monday, June 17, 2013

What a monday brings......

Enjoying the extra day off, that delightful monday of a 3 day weekend, I pottered about the house and achieved very very little!

I did take some photos though.

I dragged out the pocket wizards last night and then today wanted to add the softboxes into the mix.  Of course nothing is easy when you want it to be.  I busted the hinge on the cupboard door where the gear is stored and then realised the shafts on the softboxes were too short for the flash heads AND the PW's.  BUT...... being determined I got myself onto You Tube and watched a tutorial on how to fix the hinge problem and then I did a bit of sneaky stuff to get the flash heads and the PW's to fit into the mouth of the softbox.  So set up and ready to roll I needed to find something to shoot.

Tiger lilies of course!

Tomorrow is a different story though. Blood tests and then work AND then the dentist at lunchtime.  How lucky am I!!!

Photos?  Here they come!

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