Monday, April 21, 2014

What to pack? First Aid for campers.

Super excited about the new camping trailer, even though it won't arrive until August.  I've been listing and collecting things I think I need to pack for the first of many weekends away.  Crockery, cutlery, stemware, pots and pans, cooking utensils and bedding are all easily gathered together as I seem to have a multitude of EVERYTHING here.

Each car has a small emergency first aid kit, but I did want a dedicated one for the trailer.  I've looked at some commercial kits, but none seem to be suitable for my needs.  So I decided to assemble my own.   Once again the net supplies great information so I made a bit of a list and again found I already had the majority of the contents on hand.   So far my first aid kit is fairly extensive with creams for burns, antiseptics, itches, a tube of Paw Paw and a bottle of Aloe Vera which are both good for just about everything.  Plasters, non adhesive wound dressings and tape are for any broken skin with scissors, bandages and butterfly adhesives for more serious hurts.  Also packed are latex gloves, safety pins, antiseptic wipes and a digital thermometer.   Drugs included are antibiotics, antihistamines, rehydration tablets and the usual suspects... neurophen, aspirin and codeine.   The drugs I take to replace my mankey cancerous thyroid need to be refrigerated so they will be kept separate, but an esky will work just fine.  I have one esky, but might purchase a second smaller version for the drugs.

I'm not sure what else I might need, so the first few trips will be very close to home.   Facebook offers some good info and I joined a Caravanning and Camping Groups which seems very friendly and helpful.  

It will, no doubt,  take a few journeys before I get fully organised and know what I need and what is excessive, but surely that is part of the fun of it.   I like the idea of GLAMPING.  That little bit of luxury.  Perhaps a candleabra, recliner, maybe a spa?  Ok, maybe a bit excessive for a 6x4 camping trailer, but I will be pursing the more comfortable end of the camping spectrum.

So what am I missing here?  What else do I need to make my first aid kit complete?  Any ideas, tips or tricks  most welcome.

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