Saturday, September 6, 2014

Facebook ... thanks heaps!

Dear Facebook... I just wanted to say thanks!

Thanks for taking away hours of my week, allowing me to stalk people anonymously,  making me laugh at videos of cats and idiots practicing for the Darwin Awards, but most importantly for bringing together friends both new and old.

A few years ago a Facebook friend request popped up on my screen.  It was from a girl from High School.   I clicked appropriately and we began chatting.  She put me in contact with another old girl. "Old girl" in an educational sense of the word!  Since then we have all chatted endlessly on the interwebby (Facebook chat function).   Not long after rekindling our friendship we met for lunch at the Florida Beach Bar at Terrigal for a catch up.  It was a long way from where we went to school, but close to where we all live today.   We've met quite a few times now and really, these girls have not changed a bit!    The subjects of our conversations have changed, dramatically.  The ease of our conversations has not.  The years have melted away and the conversations are amazing!  The laughter is contagious and I am still learning things about these two that surprise and amaze me (today being no exception).  The people we met along the way must have burning ears and one's obsession with high end toothbrushes is a riot!!

40 years have passed.  Their memories are by far better than mine!  Too much Cointreau in the 80's and having some holes burnt in my brain in 2013 have made it harder for me, but many names do cause the links to come together.  I have a couple of photo albums from the late 1970's hidden away in the garage and I promise I will locate them before our next meet.

I had to laugh when the girls were describing yet another name known to me, that I was unable to put a face to, used the words "long dark hair". They described about 8 blokes this way today and I do laugh... ALL the blokes had long hair back then!!!   There were some people that the mere mention of a name brought an image sharply into my minds eye.  They must have made enough of an impression to still be buried in my grey matter all these years on.   Strange how some memories last 40 years, yet others don't !!!  I recall who had a Sandman Panelvan, Who drove a bronze Torana and the name of the German Shepard Guard Dog in a neighbouring yard!  But people..ppffft  that was way harder!

So I do want to thank Facebook for bringing these wonderful people back into my world. I enjoy my life today far more than I did in high school and I am so lucky to have been found by the old girls.

As usual ... some images as a thank you for reading this far.  One diligent old girl found the top two photos, on Facebook of course, and a lovely stranger took the third today.

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