Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Strangers and a old buddy

Trying to get back out there, build up my strength,  stamina and having some normality in my life is high on my priority list.  I go back to work in about 10 days and I need to be able to manage an early rise and a full working day.  I know it is not going to be easy so I am trying to get that happening now. I wake as though it is a working day, but i do kinda lay in for a bit longer, then do the usual morning rituals but stop short of jumping in the beast and trying to get it started before the glorious journey around the lake to work.

I'm still struggling with carrying anything with any weight in it.  Handbag/shoulderbag is fine, but throw in a camera and a flash and I really struggle to lift it and carry it for any distance.  I have a number of different bags, each takes more equipment than the last, but I have yet to be able to lug one about for hours.

Monday I hit Mt Penang Gardens with a slingpack, camera and just the macro lens.  NOPE!  I lasted maybe 20 minutes with that load before I had to get the bag off and carry it.  I kept swapping it about and changing the straps, all to no avail. No matter what configuration there was just no ease or comfort.   Having a camera around my neck is an issue too, so I am wrapping the strap around my wrist, but it isn't secure enough for my liking. It was a vey uncomfortable day after that, but long term I think it was good to mark just how the surgery has affected my neck and shoulder muscles.

Tuesday I went on a fashion shoot as the VALS (Voice Activated Light Stand). My duties were simple.  I had to ensure the wind didn't whip the flash head and beauty dish over. When it came time to change locations I struggled to carry the flash head battery pack.  I carried it one short distance, but that killed so I had assistance after that.  I didn't carry any gear and I really enjoyed the day in the sun.

Wednesday I again packed a camera bag, one lens and a flash and headed to Honeybee in Darby Street, this time I was meeting up with Kiasmin Burrell, a local artist, to take her portrait for my "Strange, NOT Strangers" series.  Light load, one camera, one lens.  Found a Stranger for the "100 Strangers Project" too.  Managed quite well with the lighter load, so I need to build up from here.  The days of lugging a 20kilo backpack on a half day bushwalk seem a distant memory, but I will get back there.  It will just take some time.

So I was very pleased with my shots.  best I share them with you now.

A honeybee at Mt Penang Gardens

Kiasmin at Honeybee in Darby Street

Tim at Honeybee in Darby Street.

If you want to see more of my "100 Strangers" or "Strange, NOT Strangers". you can find them all here... just follow the links.  If you want to see the work of Kiasmin Burrell then you need to go here...

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