Monday, August 20, 2012

Three weeks later

It's nearly 3 weeks since the last operation.  The majority of that time has been pretty good. Sleeping, or rather remaining asleep has been the biggest issue.  Trying to get comfy with healing stitches in your throat is no easy task but there is good news.  I saw the surgeon and his newest Registrar on 13 August and was told the cancer had not spread to the left side so the option to go in for a third surgery and remove the lymph nodes will not occur at this stage. YAH for me!!!  I am really happy with the new scar and wouldn't want it messed with again!   So where to from here???  The Surgeon signed me off and has referred me to an Endocrinologist to continue with monitoring and treatment.  Surgeon said I would be having the Radioactive Iodine treatment in the future, but as the John Hunter Hospital only has one lead room,  it could be quite a wait.  Waiting is fine, more time to heal!!!

Getting back into a routine is not the easiest task simply because of the sleep problems.  Waking tired, or in a bit of a drug haze is the issue. I have cut out all pain killer but do take them at night on the really really bad nights.  I now totally understand why they put me off work for so long.
I can drive again and have been out and about, trying to keep myself busy.  I still can't lift heavy things comfortably so I use the laundry trolley to transport all the other stuff like groceries and potting mix.   Ingenious I hear you say. Yep, that me, although WHY it took so long to work out is a whole other issue!!!  Carrying my camera gear is not really an option at this stage.  So when I do go out I either take one camera/one lens...... or an assistant to carry the load. THANKS JOSH!

I did manage to get some shots last week, just of some oddities at a friends business.  Best I show you and I hope to get out again later today to get some more. I did manage to recommence my 100 Stranger Project too with a shot of Eden.  No.51 so it is all downhill from here!   But first up here are the ones from last week....  hope you like them!

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