Saturday, February 21, 2015

I'm really not cheating on you!

Dear Optical Delusion,  my beautiful blog.

I am really not cheating on you. You are still my number one.  My favourite, my first.  The thing I've got going over on Wordpress with Lauren is a side project.  Something I've hankered for for a long time.  Something you can't give me.

You see in Optical Delusion we are one, alone, but never lonely, we talk about our life and, for a long time, about the illness,  then the recovery and the veggies... there is always lots about the veggies.  We talk about the primary things.  The camper, the plans, what's really going on.   Over there on Wordpress it is a totally different world.  It's not just me, it's my favourite Ranga Lauren too.  We discuss ideas, themes, schemes but express it all in images not words.   We have guest bloggers too talking about their world and showing us their take on an idea floated.  Yes, true, we do post more regularly,  we try for ever monday night, but sometimes work gets in the way and it has to be later in the week.  Oh and we struggle with the formatting.  Damn thing is so hard.  It resizes our pics and changes our margins and generally drives us both to despair.  Monday nights can be quite maddening.  Where as you are simpler and easier and stick to the visual world, normal English language stuff.  I'm even having to rely upon 1st year uni HMTL to try and rectify Wordpress formatting errors.   You are the simpler solution Optical Delusion.

So don't feel neglected, I am not cheating on you.  Westsidegirls is just an aberration.  A image aberration.... oh and a whole load of fun too!

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