Sunday, December 9, 2012

How things have changed!!!

After the 24 November post (yeah I would link it here if I knew how) where I whinged and moaned about being a misery and how it had to change..... well vote 1 for the power of positive thinking. A complete turnaround! Happy, cheery and bright. Looking at the positives and a great future.

Was totally surprised to see so many people had viewed the blog. Then I found Andrew had tweeted a link. I don't tweet, so that was a bit weird and very comforting. Over 2000 views!! So many people emailed and texted me. Poor old Scotty took me for coffee 3 times in the one week. He's confident now I am over the bad stuff.....and I am too. So its all good and looking up!

Other great stuff happened over the fortnight too. My No.1 Nephew was promoted to Able Seaman. Not as awesome as when he was awarded his Dolphins, but great news for his career as a submariner in Fremantle. No.2 Nephew has finally cracked an apprenticeship. The one he wanted, with a big company up the Valley beating hundreds of others for the position. I had yet another birthday which was fun. LOTS of cake was consumed!!! I returned to work and slipped right in as if nothing had changed. Work is great fun. I am surrounded by awesome people.

There were a couple of tragic moments this week though. My mate Jenny came to the realisation that it was getting all too hard to come to work each day and applied for a medical discharge. She is fighting cancer and it has been a long battle for her. Later that same day a senior Officer, Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson was killed on duty. I didn't know him, but I know how his death affects all the people I work with. Both events show the strength of the policing family and how they come together during the bad times as well as the good. It also shows how professional they are. How they can arrest the alleged offender and remain calm and cool. They know they must remain professional, even when hurting, so that Justice can be done by the courts.

So that's the fortnight that has been. Summer has really hit with long hot days. The lawns are high and need some controlling, the veggies are growing madly but need some care. Christmas is just around the corner. Tree is up, all gifts bought, wrapped, labelled and under the tree. Even given out the first couple!!! 10 more days at work and then I have about 10 days off. Much as I hate to admit it, I do need the break!

Now what photos for this post....... CAKE of course!!!


  1. A poignant read, but amazing images to go with it :-)

  2. Gotta love a birthday cake Chris. I am an expert now having has sooooo many!