Saturday, August 24, 2013

The whiff of a garage sale...

Well as you might have previously read I am in serious de-hoarding mode.  Much of the loungeroom and nearly all of the kitchen has been "culled".  All that stuff I do not need, never needed and will never use is now boxed and downstairs in the screened room.  So the place still looks like a bomb has hit, but I can see the difference and that's all that matters.  Time now to start planning the next garage sale.  Thankfully there is an organisation who help in this process.   18 months ago they held the second National Garage Sale trail and I was a part of it.    It was so good, I'm doing it again!

The Garage Sale Trail has a website where you list your address and your goodies and they do the rest.  I registered last night and this year I get a web page to show my wares and encourage people to come on along. I kicked it off last night and will edit my page as I go along.  Last night I kept remembering things and I must have update my page about 15 times.  It is nowhere near complete, but at least I got it started.   I can upload pictures too, to show you my "junque" before the big day.

So when is the big day I imagine you are asking?   26th October it is and if you think that is too far off then you are either supremely organised or simply don't have as much "stuff" as I do.  Oh, and it's not just me.  Our last garage sale and this one is a 3 generation effort!!  As a result we also have 3 times as much "stuff" as most.

There will be the usual books, magazines, DVD's and Cd's but this year we are also jettisoning 2 dining suites, 3 Edwardian pine chests of drawers, some french doors with beautiful old float glass panels, a bedroom chair or two, some spare dining chairs, pine toy box,   an old rocking highchair, and box after box of china, glass and kitchen stuff.  Oh and clothes, shoes, bags, fabrics, curtains, rugs....the list is ridiculous and there is more to come!!!   So hopefully we will have less "junque"  on October 27!!!!

What about you?  Thinking you might like to do the same?   Try the garage sale trail if you want some help!

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